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Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence : re-usable riffs Analysis :  KEVIN MOORE / DEREK SHERINIAN / JORDAN RUDESS


Scenes from a Memory Act One

Scenes from a Memory Act Two

Scenes From A Memory analysis
created in november 1999, by Fabien Labonde, a french fan


This review is based on an acute listening of Dream Theater’s new masterpiece : SCENES FROM A MEMORY. John Petrucci, John Myung, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy and James Labrie’s performances have been analyzed on a rhythmic and harmonic level. I also added the lyrics, several references to Metropolis Part One, other DT songs and other metal songs.
There is no (or very few) interpretation or theory about the plot.
I tried to be clear, as far as harmony is concerned, and maybe I hear a special chord when you hear another one ! This wasn’t very difficult to do compared to rhythmic consideration : I had to play some riffs slower to determine bar divisions. To identify the arrangements, I had to filter some parts or plug my headphones not completely. Sorry for guitarists, but I am a pianist, and maybe I misunderstood one or two (or more !) Petruccisms.
Anyway, enjoy this, and have pleasure in playing your own versions of those incredible songs.

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I never imagined that once Mike Portnoy would read this page... Thank you, Mike !
Here's how he reacted in his own site's forum :

"This is unbelievable!!
This guy broke down the album and gathered EVERY f***ing MUSICAL nuance,
forshadowing and past reference that we planted throughout the whole CD!!
I've seen thorough discussion on the story line, but this is the most
detailed breakdown of the music, melodies and lyrical references I seen yet!!!
I can guarantee that this guy has caught some references that even a few of
the other band members didn't even realize or just forgot about!!
Very impressive!!!
Mike Portnoy "


I'd like to thank the following people for their remarks, suggestions, or simple but touching e-mails:
Mike Portnoy, Dave Hatlee, Stéphane Auzilleau, 20.100, cryopsis, Brett, b.tinge, F.Bourdon, Axis from LTEtabs, J.Raaness, tsedaka, F.Nespoulos, Ellis Dee Elkins, Marcus Seger, Robert Ofstad, Alex Gajic, Ben W., Olivier Dufournier, David Lemoine, Peter Spaulding, Jens Sieloff, Jan Hosang


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